The RNA Sequencing Core is part of the Center for Reproductive Genomics and the Department of Biomedical Sciences in the College of Veterinary Medicine.



Jen Grenier, PhD

jgrenier (at) cornell (dot) edu

lab: NEW! 607-254-4834 (255-2973 is now obsolete)

office: 607-253-4182 (almost always voicemail; email is preferred)


Andrew Grimson, PhD – faculty advisor


Laboratory technical support:

Chrissy Butler

Liz Fogarty


Currently the RSC lab is located in Biotech rm 333 (New location, Jan 2017). Dr Grenier also has an office in the Vet Research Tower (new location: T8-008B).


Sample dropoff locations are available in the Vet Research Tower (4th floor) and the Biotechnology building (3rd floor).
Please email jgrenier (at) cornell (dot) edu for details.


The RSC coordinates closely with, but is independent from the Institute of Biotechnology’s Biotechnology Resource Center (BRC). The RSC often uses BRC Genomics Facility and Bioinformatics Facility services including Illumina sequencing and high performance computing. For RSC projects that use BRC services, the BRC Terms and Policies apply.